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Home From War




Arlingtonbook of namesHenry housemissing at KoreaArlingtonArlingtonRevolutionary War tomb of the unknown soldierKorean war memorialKorean war memorialKorean war memorialVietnam Nurses MemorialVietnam memorialVietnam memorialCrosses outside VFW in PhiladelphiaCrosses outside VFW in PhiladelphiaJen at Marine Corps training exercise

The following images are from the documentary “Home From War”, about the United States war memorials, the documentary is a 100-page book published on Blurb.com.


War has been a part of our nation since the landing of our fore fathers on the Mayflower. War is something that cannot be legitimized through words by those unseen to its trials. Still unexplainable to eyes unseen to its legends, and unforgettable to the eyes that have.

Often wars are remembered as tragic and horrifying events in which nations rose and nations fell. “Home From War” is a documentary that sees the other side, the human element. There is a change that veterans go through when they experience survival and death in often unfamiliar locations. War has always been there, since the beginning, but people have not.

The memorials are our veteran’s cry out to the ages… “Forget Me Not” This documentary and book is my cry back, “You Are Not Forgotten.”