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Artist Statement

People long for companionship, friendship, and understanding. Pain is an affliction that attacks not just the body but the soul. You find so often that you put yourself into a box, claiming no one could ever understand, or relate; when that is often not the case. Life is an impossible thing to accomplish on your own. Even if you are alone, and think you have no one it is always different to think you are alone in your sufferings that no one else on the earth is like you.

I have found that when you search for some things, you find others. When I went to the YMCA in search for some place to better myself and help lessen the pain in my hand, I found much more. I found friendship, and understanding. After being diagnosed with arthritis and Keinbock’s disease I felt like no one could ever understand. I found understanding, hope, and much more through this documentary in meeting the people I have met. I am so thankful for the stories of both hope and pain that have been shared with me.